czwartek, 22 lipca 2010

It's a lazy afternoon... I różowy leżak!

It's a lazy afternoon
And the beetle bugs are zooming
And the tulip trees are blooming
And there's not another human in view,
But us two
It's a lazy afternoon
A far pink cloud hangs over the hill
Unfolding like a rose
If you hold my hand and sit real still,
You can hear the grass as it grows
It's a hazy afternoon
And I know a place that's quiet, except for daisies running riot
And there's no one passing by it to see
Come spend this lazy afternoon with me...

(Jerome Moross, John Latouche)

Bo od tej właśnie piosenki wzięła się nazwa mojego bloga :-)
Najbardziej ją lubię w wykonaniu Caroline Henderson…

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